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Founder insights from ideas left behind

Tap into a treasure trove for ideation – first hand accounts from founders whose ideas didn’t work out, but lived to tell – and share – their insights, lessons learned and research.

About this project

Not all ideation journeys end with a company. But those left-behind ideas, insights and data can be invaluable to another founder. provides learnings from founders on their ideation journeys – what worked, what didn’t, when and why they decided to stop working on it, and what they learned. 

Who is this for was designed for ideating founders: founders looking for an idea, founders already working on an idea, or founders in validation. These case studies will help speed up your learning curve, broaden your perspective, and allow you avoid known potholes so you can make your own, new mistakes.  

Tell us your story

If you’re a founder who left an idea behind, we’d love to hear your story and share it on (anonymously, if you prefer).

This is an opportunity to share your insights – good, bad and ugly – and hopefully help a fellow founder along the way. 

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