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Carbon Emissions Trade Exchange

    ֿDomain: Carbon emissions
    When: 2021, for 5 months 
    Team skillset: Tech/data science with some business and entrepreneurial experience


    Unlock access to the CEC (Carbon Emission Credit) asset class for retail investors.

    • The idea was to build a trading app for retail investors (B2C), that enables trading in CEC and co-investing in projects that generate CEC.
    • There are multiple CEC exchanges in the world, including the European exchange, which has an annual volume of $250B. There are additional ways in which large corporations offset carbon, for instance by funding environmental projects that result in CEC and generate $ value.
    • Over time it is expected that the market for CEC will keep growing.
    • Today, the CEC asset class is entirely inaccessible to retail investors and is strictly for institutional investors. Ironically, Gen Zs increasingly care about their own carbon emission.
    • Solutions exist. For example, offsetting the CE of a plane ticket by “planting” a tree.
    • Having a way for consumers to invest and manage their CECs would grow the market, introduce more capital into it, and could result in a significantly bigger market.

    Why it didn’t progress 

    • Inability to raise funds
    • Founder-idea fit
    • B2C experience was needed to kickstart this

    Want to contact the founders? Sababa!