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SDR Co-Pilot


    ֿDomain Sales Tech
    Statusreached: Validation
    When: Oct 2023-Jan 2024
    Team skillset: Combination of business and tech, including software, deep tech/AI and product management.


    A SDR co-pilot
    Currently, the SDR-Sales connection often doesn’t work well. SDRs are either too junior and therefore can’t really pull their weight OR they are good, in which case the Sales people don’t really do their work and instead overly depend on the SDR. The goal was to make SDRs more effective to help the Sales process. 

    The idea was to leverage data to identify insights and triggers to help the sales process: when is the right time to talk to a potential lead (i.e.did the person just get a new email address and job?), organize the calls based on expected pushbacks to increase efficiency (a morning of calls with people likely to be price conscious), etc. 

    Why it didn’t progress

    • A very red ocean – responses from investors was that they had seen similar things.
    • CROs don’t really care how the SDRs do their work. That requires lots of sales processes training, which we didn’t want to get in. 
    • Realized it was a feature-focused company and not a potential market leader. 
    • Tech defensibility didn’t seem high.


    • Spoke to over 60 CROs, as well as CMOs and finance people in Israel and abroad to understand their pain points and willingness to use. 
    • Focused on bigger companies – enterprise SaaS, B2B – that use Gong and have a tech orientation.


    • Spend the time researching the many competing products 
    • Read their decks/value proposition from early in the process, so you can understand how the product evolved (look at early LI posts by teh founders or at Wayback mashine


    • Think in advance if you want to be a feature company or a company that is a market leader in some area.
    • I like the idea of pre-consensus and focusing on things in which I have deep expertise.

    Want to contact the founders? Sababa!