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So, what’s this about? is an initiative designed to enrich the startup ecosystem, focusing on Israeli startups with their unique challenges and opportunities. As a first-check VC, at Symbol we meet many founders who are in ideation mode or very early in their journey. At this stage, insights from those who walked the same path – by way of industry or product or business model – can shed much needed light on an idea.  As we see it, one founder’s left-behind idea can be another’s font of useful information and we created to help tap into this incredible ecosystem resource. 

One founder’s dream is another’s reality

For founders, from founders

Learning from other founders’ abandoned ideas can be a valuable source of inspiration for future entrepreneurs. Many successful startups have experienced failures and have had to abandon initial ideas before finding the right one that resonates with customers. These abandoned ideas can offer insight into potential pitfalls and provide valuable lessons for those embarking on their own startup journey.

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Explore the latest articles on startup founders’ abandoned ideas, their research and insights, and the reasons why those ideas did not succeed.

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Do you have a discarded startup idea? Share it with us and have it featured on (anonymously if preferred). We would love to hear your story.

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