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A Compliance layer for Gen-AI Apps

    Helping companies address new regulation for LLMs

    ֿDomain AI compliance 
    Status reached: Validation; initial product POC as Chrome and Edge extension
    When: Jun 2023 – October 2023
    Team skillset: Combination of deep technical and marketing expertise. 1st co-founder had built a data group, and 2nd Co-founder had built three venture-backed companies. 


    An AI Compliance layer
    AI regulation is coming, and we were interested in building a solution that will help companies address this new level of regulation for LLMs. For financial institutions, for example, their AI-powered chatbots might make them vulnerable to issues of bias, hallucination, jailbreaking, and privacy. We saw that competitors had a lot of backend solutions but no front-end solutions. Building a solution is a long process, and we understood that companies were interested in an easy solution that didn’t necessitate in-house development or support. 

    Why it didn’t progress

    • We spent a lot of time on the project, but I wasn’t a million percent committed and was also looking for a job.
    • We were trying to raise seed money, but feedback from investors was that we were at a pre-seed stage. We didn’t think pre-seed money would be enough.
    • Once the war started we lost momentum. Also, I started getting job offers, which further stopped the momentum. I still think we had something meaningful.


    • Spoke to over 40 companies, with a focus on ESG experts 
    • Research partnership with Reichman University
    • Joined the Microsoft AI Founders Club
    • Joined the AWS Founders Club
    • Invited to the Google Cloud for Startups Program



    • Timing in this area was early 2024, but we didn’t know when the AI Act would go into full effect.
    • Having a founder-market fit, as we had, is a strength. I founded a data group as a director of data, and I’m an AI expert with a Ph.D. in CS, and my co-founder has done entertainment tech venture building, for a mass media and entertainment conglomerate. Because of that, we were able to not just offer integrations but bring depth of thought to solve a problem.  
    • Find a solution that others aren’t working on. Competition is solely focused on back-end solutions, and we were front-end. This differentiation took us a while to understand. 
    • Personal:
      • It’s better to move into entrepreneurship when you don’t have a lot of financial commitments.
      • Even though we didn’t raise money, the process was really interesting. As a technical person, it’s not a world you’re usually exposed to.


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